Saturday, June 18, 2011

car does not start?

These are only a general check point which is quick check up for any car, make or medel.

There can be so many issues for a car from starting.
1. Start from the fuel, the fuel filter, the fuel pump, the fuel injectors, check all of them for good flow and pressure.
The fuel can be bad, can contain dirt , impurities, water or even be spurious.
The fuel filter is one that must be changed on schedule specially if the source of fuel is bad in a place or country.
The fuel pump is now important because of the importance of fuel effficiency. the main fuel pump ,whether electric or mechanical is also to be checked.The carbuerator is another important suspect in the older version, the build up of dirt,clogging in ports and jets are common factors.
the injectors, the glow plugs are also important for a good clean start, to be changed in the periodic schedule.

2. The second part is to check the electrics, the plugs, the wires, the distribution, the HT coils, the electronics.... the final verdict you must get a good spark.
The plugs, wires, distribution cups must be good or changed in periodic mileage. the HT coils must deliver good intensity sparks and the ingnition impulse whether from a sensor to an electronic unit to have solid state firing of the coil or the conventional platinum point contacts to the coils.
As sais earlier a good intensity spark with the correct gap setting.

finally the timing should be right, the valves and cylinders in good shape, the battery and starter is good and cranking well.. C
Check these tips when your car stalls unexpectedly .


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