Wednesday, June 15, 2011

How to Connect an External Monitor or Data Projector?

Connecting an External Monitor or Data Projector to a laptop.
You can switch to an external monitor or data projector by two methods.

1. Connect the external monitor to the laptop's video port, power up the external monitor first and the laptop. The video information will automatically switch to the external monitor.

2. If you power up the laptop first, then you can switch the video output to the external monitor by pressing the Fn key and one of the Function keys, depending upon your make and model laptop. You can also toggle/cycle between the external monitor or both LCD screen plus the external monitor or back to LCD screen only by pressing the Fn key plus one of the function key.

Here is a list of key combinations for some of the laptops :-
IBM ThinkPad = Fn + F7
HP and Compaq = Fn + F4
Toshiba = Fn + F5
Dell = Fn + F8

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