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how to fit the o-ring from fuel line to cylinder on Chevy Astro Van?

Tools You Need

  • Wrench
  • Hand-siphon pump, if necessary
  • Approved fuel container, if necessary
  • Floor jack
  • 2 jack stands
  • 2 chocks
  • Piece of wooden block
  • Ratchet
  • Socket
  • Large ratchet extension
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Brass drift
  • Hammer
  • New fuel pump
  • New fuel pump strainer
  • New O-ring seal

Remove the Fuel Pump

Simply follow these easy steps:

1) Remove the key, and wait for about ten minutes. If you have just driven your Astro van, allow the fuel pressure system to bleed.

2) Walk around to the front of your van, open the hood and disconnect the negative (black) battery cable using a wrench

3) Drain the gasoline from the fuel tank so that you only have about 1/4 of a tank full or less. You can use a hand siphon pump and an approved fuel container. Leave the fuel filler cap loose.

4) Raise both rear wheels with a floor jack and support the vehicle with a couple of jack stands. Next, block both front wheels with a couple of chocks.

5) Working from under the vehicle, support the fuel tank with a floor jack. Place a piece of wooden block between the tank and the jack saddle to prevent damage to the tank.

6) Using a ratchet, socket and large ratchet extension, unfasten the two straps that hold the tank to the vehicle. Once you remove the bolts, carefully lower the tank a few inches. You just want to gain access to the hoses and electrical connectors on the fuel pump/sending unit assembly on top of the fuel tank.

7) Disconnect the hoses from the fuel pump/sending unit assembly. The two fuel hoses come with quick-connect type fittings. Depressing the white tabs at the bottom of each fitting will allow you to release the hose. The other hose comes equipped with a worm-type clamp, which you can loosen with a Phillips-head screwdriver.

8) Once you disconnect the hoses, unplug the electrical connector from the fuel pump/sending unit assembly.

9) Lower the fuel tank a few inches more. You want just enough room to lift the fuel pump/sending unit assembly out of the fuel tank. Using a brass drift and a hammer, turn counterclockwise on the lock ring that holds the fuel pump assembly to the fuel tank a few degrees. When the lock ring pops free, remove the ring and carefully and lift the fuel pump/sending unit assembly and O-ring seal out of the fuel tank.

Replacing the Pump

Now that you've removed the pump, it's time to continue on with our fuel pump installation instructions for a 92 Chevy Astro van, specifically, replacing the pump:

1) Remove the strainer and rubber insulator from the bottom of the fuel pump by hand. Working on the fuel pump assembly, pull the fuel pump upwards so that it clears the bottom support and then pull the bottom of the pump down and outward so that top fitting on the pump clears the rubber connector and remove the pump from the assembly.

2) Install your new pump in the assembly in the reverse procedure you used in the previous step to remove it. You want the top pump fitting to engage the rubber connector and then lower the pump into the bottom support. Once the pump is in position replace the rubber insulator and install a new strainer to the bottom of the pump assembly.

3) Install the fuel pump/sending unit assembly and a new o-ring seal into the tank being careful not to damage the float arm that extends out from the assembly.

4) Lock the fuel pump/sending unit assembly in position with the lock ring. Turn the lock ring clockwise with the brass drift and hammer until the ring hits the stops on the tank-mounting base.

5) Raise the fuel tank a few inches. Plug in the electrical connector and reconnect the hoses to the fuel pump assembly.

6) When ready, raise the fuel tank into position and fasten the two straps to secure the tank to the vehicle.

7) Remove the floor jack from under the vehicle, lower your van off the jack stands and remove the chocks from the front wheels.

8) Refill the fuel tank and tighten the fuel filler cap.

9) Reconnect the negative (black) battery cable and turn the ignition key to the On position to pressurize the fuel system.

10) Check under your Astro van for fuel leaks around the area of the fuel pump/sending unit assembly and then turn off the ignition key.

You have successfully installed the new pump in your Chevy van.

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