Thursday, June 9, 2011

How to replace Heater Water Control Valve on Bmw 325?

E30 Models

  1. Disconnect the negative battery terminal. Remove the center console and the driver's side instrument panel trim next to the steering column. Drain the coolant.
  2. Disconnect the coolant hoses from the inlet on the firewall. Disconnect the wire from the control valve.
  3. Loosen the coolant pipe clamp. Remove the 2 bolts from the pipe connection at the control valve and the 3 bolts from the heater connection.

To install:

  1. With power applied to the control valve, it will close. With power removed, it will be open. Replace the O-rings at the connections.
  2. Replace the bolts in the connections and attach the pipe clamp. Connect the wire to the control valve.
  3. Connect the coolant hose at the firewall. Install the center console and the instrument panel trim. Fill and bleed the cooling system. Connect the negative battery terminal.

E36 Models

  1. Disconnect the electrical plug from the heater control valve located to the left of the hose connections on the firewall.
  2. Drain the coolant and remove the hose connections from the valve. Note where the hoses are connected.
  3. Pull the valve assembly from the bottom to disconnect it from the rubber mount. Lift the valve from the upper mount.

To install:

  1. Place the upper portion of the valve into the mount and press the bottom part into the mount.
  2. Connect the coolant hoses in the original locations sand connect the electrical plug. Fill and bleed the coolant system.

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