Saturday, June 18, 2011

Step by step Network Diagnostic Procedures?

Network Diagnostic
To check if the network card is OK go into the Control Panel - System - Hardware - Device Manager and click on Network adapters. Right Click on your network card then Properties see if it is enabled and working properly.
If not download and install the latest version of the network card driver.
If this is OK then you need to test if the network card has been issued with an IP address from the router/modem.
Click Start - Run and then type cmd and press return (to open a DOS command box)
Then type ipconfig and press Return
If you then get for an IP Address then you have an IP address problem.
Next you need to do a Loop back test to determine if the network card is OK
In the DOS command box type ping and if you get a reply from then the network is OK.
If the reply is ?Ping request could not be found? then problem is with the router/modem.

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