Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The trunk not getting fully closed on 2005 500Sl?

Specially details for Mercedes 2005 500Sl:----

Seems like there is a problem with the pneumatic controller. It controls central locking, trunk lid close assist and is a part of soft top function. Please check the fuse 71 in the trunk fusebox. If it is not blown, still remove it for 5 minutes or so to reset the controller. If that does not help, it is possible that the controller will be reset if you pull out its plug. Pneumatic controller is located on the left side wall of the trunk.

Once it is working, pneumatic system must be checked for leaks. They cause the pump to block itself or wear it out completely.

fuse 71 in the back of the passenger seat.

If removing and reinserting the fuse does not helps then, pneumatic controller is down and must be replaced.

The pneumatic controller pump in the trunk on the left side under a part

is a plastic pump that has aprox 7 or 8 plastic tubes and 2 plugs easy to change max 1/2 an hour .the cost of part is approx $850.Get it replaced by the professional.Dealer cost will be more, but local car garage professional cost will be bit low.-------
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