Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wireless Router Signals getting affected?

Things That Affect Wireless Router Signals
1. Many wireless routers are using the same wireless channel. Many manufacturers choose channel 6 as the default.

2. Analogue video senders used to send audio and video to other TVs in the home.

3. Microwave ovens emit interference in the 2.4GHz band.

4. Wireless speakers and console controllers can cause interference with the wireless router.

5. Bluetooth devices, newer Bluetooth devices can jump to different frequencies if there is a connection problem.

6. Power cables located near the wireless router can cause drop outs and speed reduction.

7. Fish tanks will cause massive Wi-Fi shadow on the other side of the tank from the wireless router.

8. Depending upon the location of large mirrors will reflect wireless signal away your computer.

9. Building materials will block wireless signals such as plasterboards with metal foil, reinforced concrete walls and floors. Also objects near the wireless router such as metal filing cabinets and other electrical appliances.

10. Blinking christmas lights can reduce Wi-Fi performance by 25% when it is close to the wireless router.

To improve your wireless reception to your computer, in most cases just relocate your wireless router higher and away from the interference source, and or re-position your computer/laptop for better wireless reception or attach an USB range extender to your computer/laptop.

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