Sunday, July 3, 2011

How to locate IMEI NUMBER on cell phones?

  1. Ensure your phone is powered on.
  2. Return to the "idle" screen, or your "desktop". If you were in the middle of a call, end it, and clear any numbers you pressed while making that call.
  3. Press the following keys one by one: * # 0 6 #
  4. As you press on the last #, a number will appear with the title, IMEI number, or similar.
  5. And if you store this *#06# as a phone number in your contacts with the some name, say, IMEI Code, then next time when you dial IMEI Code from your contacts, it will show you the IMEI Number. That way you won't forget the *#06# sequence.

  1. Ensure the phone is powered off.
  2. Remove the battery.
  3. Look on the phone for a white sticker/label, which would be now exposed after removing the battery, for the IMEI. It would be 15 or 17 digits not including a few forward slashes included and without any letters. Only the first 15-digits are needed.
  4. If the phone is not available or if the label is unreadable then have a look at the phone manufacturer's packaging for a white sticker/label. Near one bar code or another the IMEI would also be printed.


If your mobile phone is stolen, call or go to the nearest service center of your mobile network, and give that IMEI number to staff and ask them to block that number for a period of time, so no one can use your mobile phone for any illegal purpose.

Store your 15-Digit IMEI Number in a safe place, so you could find it if your phone is stolen.

If you are South African, you are required by law to report the theft to your Service Provider (Mobile Network) and to the Police (either SAPS or your local Metro Police). It will be blacklisted across ALL networks so that it can't be used for criminal activities. If it is recovered, it is possible to de-blacklist it providing you have proof of ownership.

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