Saturday, March 3, 2012

Ford Error code P1518?

Check engine light came on dash for 2002 Ford windstar.
After getting the Engine computer module scanned,the Code P1518 came up.

Access the Intake Manifold Runner Control (IMRC) under the upper plenum at the passenger end of the intake manifold. Verify battery voltage on the Red/Yellow wire at the actuator, and a good ground on the Black wire. With the actuator unplugged and the key on, check for 5 volts on the Orange/White wire in the connector.

If OK, back probe the Brown wire with a jumper wire, and install a voltmeter on the Orange/White wire, with the voltmeter ground lead to any good ground.

With the key on and the actuator connected, ground and unground the Brown wire using the jumper wire. Look for the actuator cable to pull in and open the levers on the intake manifold when the Brown wire is grounded, and for the cable and levers to release when the Brown wire is ungrounded. Verify that the actuator linkage is connected and the levers in the intake manifold move freely. Also, monitor the voltage on the Orange/White wire as the actuator cable pulls in and releases. When the actuator is released, the voltage should be 5 volts, and when it pulls in, the voltage should drop to less than 1 volt.
Trouble code P1518 would indicate that the secondary butterflies in the intake manifold are stuck open and will not close. The butterflies are normally closed at idle and under approximately 3300 RPM. When RPM exceeds the approximate 3300 RPM area, the butterflies should open for improved engine torque.

If you are not a mechanic,then getting  this repair, can often be cleared up by having an upper induction service done as in most case the butterfly are just stuck due to being gummed up. If this repair fixes the concern most shops charge about an hour in labor.

This details will help.

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