Friday, March 2, 2012

How to deal with Engine Dieseling issues?

Its not rare problem.Noticed on many car models.But mostly noticed on older car models.New car,latest model cars don't face this problem.

In this problems the engine continue to run even after the  ignition is turned off and power  is cut to the spark plug.

This problem is known as ENGINE DIESELING  because .........
diesel engine doesn't need a spark plug to run -- it just squeezes the air/fuel mixture until it heats up and explodes.

The dieseling occurs when unwanted fuel gets collected in the combustion chamber.You need to empty this unwanted fuel from chamber.

To resolve this dieseling problems,there are few troubleshooting steps,that you need to follow.
The details are as follows :----

1) Its un-burned fuel that causes the problem.The un-burned fuel gets collected in the form on carbon.

There are carbon-cleaning solvent   like Seafoam, GM Top-End Cleaner or Wynn's Internal Engine Cleaner available in auto part shops.
With the help of this carbon build up can be cleaned.To do this run the carbon cleaner into the intake this will dissolve the carbon and reduce hot-spots in the combustion chamber.

2) The other possibility can be faulty spark plugs.The carbon build up on spark plugs.First try cleaning the plugs,but if its still getting dirty,or the plugs are worn out then replace the spark plug with "colder" heat range plugs.

The benefit of  colder plug is that,"Colder" plugs consists  smaller ceramic insulator that will help to keep the plug tip cooler, eliminating one potential hot spot in the combustion chamber.

3) The other issue can be oil intrusion.Use high-mileage full-synthetic oil.The benefit of this oil is that,it contain seal conditioners that cause your valve stem seals to swell slightly, this helps to seal better  against the valves and prevent oil intrusion into the intake port.This will not let the oil to enter the cylinder and which is the likely fuel source for your dieseling engine

If you try all this possibility and still the problem is same and engine is getting dieseled then,

4) Its damaged piston oil-control ring,you will have to replace the intake-side valve stem seals.For this complete engine rebuild is required.Also new pistons and rings are required.

This details will help.

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