Saturday, March 3, 2012

OBD code P1518 on Ford windstar?

This code is noticed on 1999 Ford windstar 3.8L engine.

This code means the intake manifold runner is stuck open either from a faulty actuator on the intake or the valves plates are gunked up unable to move first off try and clean them doing all of the steps shown below.

To perform a fuel system service you will need to
Replace the fuel filter.
Add a good name brand fuel additive to clean the system which is added to a tank of fuel.
Remove the pipe between the air filter and throttle body.
Now spray clean the MAF/IAT sensor using a can of carburetor cleaner.
Now clean the inside of the throttle body using the carb cleaner and a tooth brush, do this with the engine off and the throttle held open.
Now reassemble and start the engine for about 20 seconds of run time.
Now use some purchased sea foam in a bottle and follow the direction on it which have you suck it into a running engine in the intake to fog it and remove oil and carbon deposits from the intake and combustion chamber. Expect some smoke as this is the gunk.
After your done run it for about 1 minute at different rpms, and then shut it off and disconnect the negative battery cable for 30 minutes to give the PCm a new learning strategy, thus forgetting the past.

This details will help.

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